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Saturday, June 3, 2017

FUND RAISER for Ravindra-who gave his life for keeping Bharath Swacch

Ravindra-who gave his life for “keeping Bharath Swacch”
Help raise funds for welfare of his family


Urgent funds required welfare of Ravindra’s family

Spare a cup of coffee and Help Ravindra's Family and unborn child!
(Beneficiary: Ravindra's family (for those who asked: the funds directly transferred via the crowd funding site to beneficiary's account after their standard verification processes)

Campaign to donate(its case sensitive - so pls directly click the link :) ):
Can someone be beaten to death for simply trying to keep his country clean? No reason to believe - right?
Well, it happened on May 31, 2017, when Ravindra, a 31-year-old e-rickshaw driver, was beaten to death when he tried to stop two people from urinating in public in northwest Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar area.
Strange! Is this a reason to kill somebody?
At their one-room jhuggi, Ravindra Kumar’s wife Reena sleeps on the floor, and does not want to talk to anyone. She is a few months pregnant. “They’ve been married for a year”, and had recently celebrated their first marriage anniversary.
Ravindra had never thought that a simple act of trying to keep India clean would cost him his life.

 About the fundraiser

“Do not urinate here” - is all he had said:
According to sources, the Police said that the victim, Ravindra Kumar had objected to two men urinating outside Gate number 4 of the GTB Nagar Metro station and asked them to use the public restroom which was barely five metres away. The duo had purchased liquor,and told Ravinder that they would get back at him later, and left the place in another e-rickshaw. They got off near Kirori Mal College.
Around 8 PM, the duo, along with 10 others, returned to the metro station and attacked Ravinder. Another e-rickshaw driver, who tried to intervene, was also assaulted. Ravinder was rushed to a hospital where he died.
The  two students belonged to a prominent college in Delhi University's North Campus and have been detained in connection with the murder of the e-rickshaw driver.  After going through the CCTV footage of the area where the incident occurred, the two students were detained. It was found that they had consumed liquor and performed this brutal act.
Vijender, elder brother of the deceased who also works at the same rickshaw stand and is the head of their Union, said the rickshaw-pullers told him that the assailants used rods and stones wrapped in towels to hit his younger brother. Ravinder had called him to inform about the incident. But by the time he reached the spot, the victim had fallen unconscious. He was rushed to the Bara Hindu Rao Hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival.


The Delhi government has announced Rs 5 lakh compensation for the family of the e-rickshaw driver. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, who announced the compensation for Ravinder’s kin, said the amount will be provided from the LG-CM’s relief fund.

Whatever funds are raised will be utilized as welfare fund for the Ravindra’s family and yet-to-be-born child. So please contribute and share the fundraiser.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Nepal earthquake helpline numbers

#Nepal #earthquake #helpline numbers
MEA 24 hour Control Room numbers for Nepal Earthquake:


Indian Embassy in Nepal


Emergency Number : Police/Ambulance
Police Control – 100
Police Emergency Number – 4228435/4226853
Metropolitan police range (Kathmandu) – 4261945/4261790
Metropolitan Police Range (Lalitpur) – 5521207
Metropolitan Police Range (Bhaktapur) – 6614821
Paropakar Ambulance Service – 4260859
Lalitpur redcross Ambulance Service – 5545666
Bishal Bazar Ambulance Service – 4244121
Redcross Ambulance Service – 4228094
Agrawal Seva Center – 4424875
Aasara Drug Rehabilitation Center – 01 – 4384881

Friday, April 24, 2015

Say no to animal testing

I love the brands who Do NOT test on animals #crueltyFree #animalTesting @peta @peta2 @wehelpinghands